Who Are the World’s Richest Celebrities?

Have you ever wondered who the world’s richest celebrities are? Have you wondered whether you have to be a Hollywood star to be really wealthy, or if there are other professions where well-known figures make more money than most?

The World’s Richest Celebrities from Beyond Entertainment

The world’s richest celebrities are not only businessmen and Hollywood A-listers by profession. Of course Hollywood stars, divas and the hottest rappers make a lot of money. Butome of the highest-net worth people in the world are actors from beyond Hollywood, like the German actor TilSchweiger, or the American video game designer and businessman Will Wright.

There are stinking rich celebrities who are not actors and actresses – athletes like Larry Fitzgerald,Vernon Davis, Mark Messier, their coaches, managers and executives like Joe Paterno and Brian Cashman, for example.

There are designers who are stinking rich, like Karl Lagerfield, automotive designer Chip Foose of ‘Overhaulin’ fame and reality show figure and inventor Lori Greiner. Plenty of the most successful rappers will obviously feature on this list too.

Other Wealthy Professionals

If you write a book that becomes a hit, like J K Rowling managed with her Harry Potter series, and then gets made into Hollywood blockbusters, you’re pretty much sure to make all the other authors envious with your fat paycheck. But mystery novelists Ann Turner, comic-book creator Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame, cartoonist Bob Kane, Seinfeld writer Larry Charles and others make nearly as much money as Hollywood celebrities.

These days, there are highly successful chefs, comedians, DJs, singers, producers, directors and CEOs who feature in the list of the world’s richest people.

One thing is clear. You don’t have to be an actor, actress or CEO to be a wealthy celebrity. Some of the most successful professionals in the public eye these days have high net worths that can rival that of many actors and actresses in the world’s biggest movie producing hub.