Online Content Quality Problems


In this article we will see what are the quality problems of online content. First, we need to know that there are many kinds of online content. Suppose you can get your copy of an essay you need from MyEssayServices, that’s not part of online content even if you’re getting the deal through the internet. It will be used in offline context that’s why.

The kinds are articles, blog posts, essays, technical content, guides and walkthroughs, infographics, and so on.

There are two common problems with online content (textual only).


Plagiarism is when you copy from a different source without referencing, or copy-paste a huge part of externally written content in your piece.

This is the worst thing ever in content writing and search engines will penalize that content and its hosting website heavily. Always check your pieces for plagiarism because sometimes even originally written content surprisingly matches 1-5% or more with other sources and you won’t even know it.

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Spinning is changing words every few words. It’s just a poor form of rewriting an article. For example, suppose you need to write about a camera. You see this written somewhere: “A point and shoot camera ought to be able to deal with most common everyday situations that require capturing the moment.” What a cheap spun article does is this: “A point & shoot camcorder ought to be capable to deal with many common day-to-day conditions that need capturing the moment.”

Cheap. Non-human. And not even good rewriting.

Free online content creation services

Some online services are good. Like we mentioned in the beginning. That content is human written. But most other kinds of content orders placed online that are free are done by machines and have a very poor quality.

Some will avoid plagiarism but you will have to rewrite huge chunks of content yourself. Some will be heavily plagiarized. Some might be of acceptable quality while still avoiding major plagiarism, but would still need a lot of work to make them sensible and readable.

Avoid using machines to generate content, at least for now.