How to design out your dream bathroom?

Having your own house is one of the biggest achievement of our life. This provides a permanent means of shelter to our loved ones. We put out all our efforts while buying out the house. Then the main task lies out in decorating the interior out the house. This requires more capital efforts and also more innovative and professional advice. There are many guide interioravailable online as well which you can take in case you are short of budget. There is one place in our house which we ignore while designing the décor of our house and that part is bathroom.


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Bathroom is also a place which can be designed beautifully. This require a little effort and innovation. People normally thinks that they should décor only visible part of house such as dining, main room and not bathroom. But in case you host any party or any of your friend visit your house, bathroom of the house also creates an impression in the minds of guest. There are many ideas available and in case of professional help you can use the help of

First point in this would be add up a proper storage space for your bathroom. This can be in the form of floating shelves. These shelves could be used for placing the towels at proper place and creates a more organized feeling. Also there should be some inbuilt shelves in the bathroom to keep dustbin and other liquids so that they are not visible and your bathroom looks hygienic. Keep a good designed small painting in your bathroom as it helps in changing the mood also help in creating a good décor in the wall of the bathroom also. Last but most important you should be focusing on the tiles of the floor and the sink as well and make sure they are complementary.