How celebrities make the extra money?

Celebrities are a constant part of the daily lives of common people like us. From laughing along to breaking into tears, or tapping feet to your singers’ favorite songs or comedians, they have become a part of your lives. Whether you are a fan follower of a particular celebrity or you dislike someone, in particular, it is ultimately the viewers who have made their net worth. Apart from acting or music careers,richest celebrities indulge in a lot of other things that adds more money to their bank accounts.

Given below is the following stuff that makes the celebrities really rich:

  • Endorsements

Celebrities have various endorsement deals that help in their cash flow. These add up to the money that they are already making from their various professions. Sofia Vergara is one such person who has deals with some of the famous companies such as Diet Pepsi, AT&T, CoverGirl, etc. She earned about 37 million dollars in 2014.




  • Perfumes

Most celebrities coming up with their very own perfume is a new way of making a change in the way of earning. Jennifer Lopez has 18 perfumes of her own and is known as the queen of fragrance in the celebrity category. Also, Taylor Swift, Britney are some of the others who have come out with their own perfumes.

  • Social media and Applications

Celebrities have also invested in applications and certain technological companies. Kim Kardashian’s app bagged 200 million dollars so far. Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Aston Kutcher are a few who have set foot as investors. It has left us to wonder whether the Silicon Valley and Hollywood are same.

From restaurants to loyalties, celebrities have been really making it big. The NYC restaurant that belongs to Justin Timberlake helps to bring a lot more money. There’s more than just one secret to being rich, and the richestcelebrities know them all.