All about Kate Upton

If you want to find out about Katherine Elizabeth Upton on sites such as you will perhaps just search for Kate Upton. As this is the name she is commonly known by and is famous by. She is a very well known actress and model as well. She started her career in 2009 and adorned the cover of the 100th anniversary Vanity Fair Magazine.

Early Life

She has been the face of not only Esquire, CR Fashion Book as well as Vogue and Cosmopolitan as well. However, she is best remembered for her pictures in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. These pictures were voted in the Hot 100 pictures which were compiled by Maxim.


Net worth

As per, her annual income is $515000 and in 2016 she earned $7 million. It is stated by celebritynetworths that her net worth is around $20 million and this is mainly due to her modeling career as well as her appearances on Television.

Other Interests

She in addition to modeling was very interested in horseback riding. Infact, she even was part of the American Paint Horse Association. She won various competitions and has a number of titles to her credit. However, rather than pursue it, she was more interested in modeling and attended the casting of Elite Model Management. She modeled for various companies and appeared in various magazines that got her a lot of fame and fortune.

She also dabbled in screen appearances and was part of a Television series called Tosh. She also started in Tower Heist with Casey Affleck, Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. She also was part of the Sports Illustrated making of Swimsuit 2012 and even starred in the three stooges with Sofia Vergara in Peter. These are just some of the many accomplishments of this beautiful and talented young lady who was born in 1992.